Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In-Nar li Jkesshek

The Jesuit’s have had 7 vehicles burnt down. This is the second attack in less than six months, the first being last November. According to Fr. Paul Chetcuti both attacks occurred after press conferences against racism and xenophobia. Another arson attack, although not widely reported, has also been carried out on the property of other people who have spoken against intolerance. It leaves little to the imagination about who is behind these sick and cowardly attacks. The self-declared Romeos of the patria (read the rightist wankers) have welcomed such vandalism. It was expected. Their democratic credentials are as evident as their intellect, which is not surprising as the two are usually quite proportional.

These attacks are intended to intimidate. They are intended to destroy our democracy. They are intended to strike fear. The self-declared defenders of Europe (read the rightists pissheads), who bounced off erratically from their high horses during the French riots a few months back, have resorted to the same tactics. They want to attempt to silence all people who speak against racism and xenophobia. These are the ones who go to extreme lengths and conjure up phantom euphemisms to convince us that they’re not racist. They might have a point. They don’t hate on the basis of race. They hate on the basis of difference. Anybody who is not like them will be subject to their tantrums.

These self-declared defenders of Malta (read the rightist sodding nincompoops) are a threat to democracy. They’re a threat to us all. They first rejected human rights. Now they reject democracy. It should now be crystal clear to even the stubborn cynics, that Graffitti were right all along. The real threat is not race, but racism. The real threat is not the immigrant, but the immigrant haters. The real threat is not those who advocate tolerance, but intolerance. The real threat is not diversity, but the lack of it. The real threat is not the sinking boats, but the burning cars. The real threat is not in the closed centres but in the closed minds. The real threat comes not from abroad, but is home grown. The real threat is not those who speak of fundamental rights. It’s the fundamentalist Right.


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